Lectures /text format/English

Bible Lessons on the Epistle to the Thessalonians.

First Thes (Faith & Suffering)

02_First Thessalonians

03 First Thess – Faith & Action

05 First Thess (Christian Love)

06 First Thessalonians Love 2

07 First Thessalonians Hope

08 First Thessalonians Hope (2)

First Thessalonians (Discipleship 1)


How to enjoy the justice of God

Modern man

Truth Majk Spirit

Free in a free world

Genesis 1 and 2

Hermeneutics of the Hebrew bible

Created for education

Atheistic gospel?


A Christian worldview

Theology of Genesis 1-11

Christian interpretation of history?

A Christian and sexuality

Success and blessing

Certainty in an uncertain world

The spirituality of music

Biblical Anthropology in Education (ppt.)

Apostolic and church fathers

Christian attitude to work

Biblical anthropology

Who is God?

How theology is a science?

Exegeting Psalms

Origins of Ethical norms


Humanism as a Religion

Worship In Life And In Church

What Is Full Gospel

Media Entertainment And The Christian

Alcohol In The Bible (?)

Life & Death-In Whose Hands

Christian Spirituality In Business

The Deductive Bible Study

Worldview & Faith

Truth Faith & Freedom

Kingdom Of God & Culture Of Man (1)

Health And Life (Prov 3,8)

Seeing The Invisible & My Calling

TheProblem Of Unforgiveness

21st Century Discipleship – Faith & Society

21st Century Discipleship – Motivation

Semper Reformanda

False Teachings Today

Caricatures Of Work (Faith In The Workplace)

What Is The Church

How to read the Bible

How to read Moses

How to read the history of Israel

How to read the prophets

How to read Hebrew poetry 

How to read gospels

How to read the Acts

How to read epistles

How to read Revelation