Sermons /text format/English

The Old Testament Today

First Man’s Family

The Job’s Principle

Unde Malum

Cain Abel & OT Violence

End Of First World

Babylonian Debacle

Isaac – The Father’s Son

Jacob – Victorious In Defeat

Joseph – Training Of A Statesman

Exodus As A Paradigm

Moses’ Character

Moses – The Legislator

The First Passover

Crossing The Red Sea

From The Sea To The Mountain

The Golden Calf

The Tent Of The Covenant

The Feasts Of The LORD

Old Testament Sacrifices

Old Testament Priesthood & Jesus

The Ten Commandments

Moses, the Wilderness & God’s Glory

Consumerism In The Wilderness

Reports From The Promised Land

Korah’s Rebellion

The Bronze Serpent In The Wilderness

Life in the Spirit

Prayer In The Spirit

The Spirit Of Truth

Spiritual Discipline

Fruit Of The Spirit

Gifts Of The Spirit

Baptism In The Spirit

Walk By The Spirit

Persistent Problems

Stop resisting the Holy Spirit!

Half-hearted Discipleship

The Power of Shalom

The Attributes of God

Attributes Of God (Introduction)

Attributes Of God – Holiness

Attributes Of God – Life

Attributes Of God – God Is Spirit

Attributes Of God – God Is Good

Attributes Of God – Power

Attributes of God – Knowledge

Attributes of God – Presence

Attributes Of God – Love & Justice

Attributes Of God – Love(2)

Attributes Of God – Light

Attributes Of God – Trinity

Attributes Of God – Providence

Attributes Of God – Glory

Attributes Of God – Immensity

Attributes Of God – Personality

Attributes Of God – Faithfulness

Attributes Of God – Blessedness

Attributes Of God – Sovereignty

Attributes Of God – Immutability

Attributes Of God – Eternity

Attributes Of God – Conclusion

Jesus introduces Himself

Jesus I AM (God)

Jesus The Son Of God

Jesus the Messiah

Jesus I Am The King

Jesus I Am The King II.

I am the Way

Jesus I Am The Truth

Jesus: I am the life

I am the light of the world

I am the good shepherd

I am the door

I am the door II.

Jesus Bread Of Life

I am the true vine

I am the Teacher and the Lord

I am the resurrection and the life

Jesus Who Do You Say I Am

Follow Christ

Pilate’s Condemnation  

Prayer Gift

Forgiveness 1 (Seriousness Of Sin)

Forgiveness 2 (Great Grace)

Forgiveness 3 (Fellowship Freedom)

Job Catastrophe 1

Job Catastrophe 2

The Word Became Flesh (2013)

You shall call His name Jesus

Plague of pettiness

Law and Grace

Focus on Jesus

Love as yourself?

The case Abiathar

Leave Them Alone!

On baptism

Funeral speech (Tomas Kriska)

Wedding sermon (June 2014)

Rejoice in the Lord

The case Michal

Case of Eli

Against fear

His own people did not receive Him (Christmas 2014)

The day of His coming – Christmas 2014

Anno Domini 2015

Give us our daily bread

The mystery of marriage

How to know and use charisma

Christian’s look at the world

Easter beatitude

How To Be Transformed Through Renewed Mind

Jan Hus – To Live Or To Die (600th Anniversary)

Be Rich In God!

Uriah Or Survival In Consumer Culture

I Know You

Immigration Crisis Prayer

Effects Of Grace

The King From Bethlehem (Christmas 2015)

Your Kingdom Come (New Year 2016)

Gibeonite Christianity

It Shall Not Return Empty

Abraham & Lot

The Clarion Of The New Creation

The Danger Of Smallness

Snare Of Fear

A pleasing aroma to the lord

How to live out the gospel

The Christian, Beauty And Wisdom


Messiah’s Manifesto

Kozmicke Dimenzie Vianoc(2017)

Easter Meditation

Life Of Joy

The Most Essential Thing

Immersed Into Church

A Christian In Today’s World)

Law & Liberty In The Bible

Family Under Siege

When God Does Not Answer

Receiving God’s Gift

New Year Prayer (2019)

The Word Of God Shall Stand Forever

The Blood Of Christ

Angelic Joy

Heart Of God Revealed

Remember Miriam

Christian Radicalism

How To Please God

Dangerous Sadness

The Servant King (Christmas 2020)

Delight In The LORD

The Religion Of Jesus

Intercessory Prayer

Our Fears & Coming Kingdom

How To Wait For The Lord

Jesus Christ the LORD

Christmas 2022 (Lk1,46-56)

Meanings Of Suffering

Life From Death

How To Enjoy Spiritual Blessings

Adoption Into The Family Of God

Challenged to Challenge

The Hope Of The Second Coming

The Gospel

Simeon’s Prophecy (Christmas 2022)

The Power Of Jesus’ Words

The Triumph Of Easter

God-The Potter

The Prophecy Of Joel

Old Age

The Second Exodus

By My Spirit

The Person Of The Paraclete Of God

Watch Your Heart

Wisdom In The Streets

The Fulness Of Times (Gal 4,4 Eph 1,10)